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4 years ago

It has been a little bit more than a fortnight for the next release. Yet, here we go again and now with heavy improvements, so the waiting finally comes to fruition. We are happy to announce several major new features that will greatly improve your workflow!

The three outstanding features are as following:

Inline image rendering

Now, if you place an image in the form ![Caption](link/to/image.jpg) into a new line, it will be automatically loaded and displayed. If the image path is not found or invalid, Zettlr will simply show a placeholder in its stead. Edit the image by clicking on it or moving with the cursor into it. Move the cursor outside again to re-render the image.

screen shot 2018-03-01 at 12 14 53

Inline link rendering

Whenever Zettlr detects a link in the form [Caption](, it will render it nicely. To follow the link, simply Shift-click on it. The editing and updating of a link works just as with images.

screen shot 2018-03-01 at 12 13 15

Table of Content generation

Click the hashtag (#) symbol in the toolbar to open a popup containing all headings that are present in the currently opened file. And they are even numbered! Simply click on a heading to jump directly to it!

screen shot 2018-03-01 at 12 12 01


GUI and functionality

  • New feature: Integrated dynamically generated Table of Contents! Simply click the hashtag symbol and a popup will appear that lets you quickly navigate through all headings in your file.
  • New feature: Now images are automatically displayed, if they are on a single line (only the image, no other text)!
  • New feature: Now links are automatically rendered! Simply shift-click on them! (closes #12)
  • Improved the markdown shortcuts. Now, if nothing is selected, when you trigger the bold or italics option, the cursor will automatically be placed inside the formatting marks, so that you can start typing without having to worry about the placement of the cursor.
  • Now, if there is a valid URL in the clipboard when you trigger the insert link/image commands, it will be taken automatically as the linking target, so that you only have to type in the text it should link to.
  • Added Open-button to the toolbar to select a new directory (closes #2)
  • Switched the icon font from fontawesome to the WebHostingHub-Glyphs
  • Small UI fix in the preview listing
  • Small UI fix: Now Zettlr auto-closes the following pairs of characters: () [] {} '' "" »« “” ‘’ ** __.

Under the hood

  • Moved supported filetypes to unified file source/common/data.json
  • Documentation for all files added.
  • ESDoc-support integrated for API documentation. Simply run npm run docs:build to generate a full documentation in resources/docs
  • Moved the handleEvent() functions from the main objects to the IPC classes.
  • Moved the toolbar buttons to source/renderer/assets/toolbar/toolbar.json as in the example of Electron Menu, to have more dynamic control over the generation of the toolbar.
  • Updated dev-dependencies

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