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4 years ago

After some time, here is the next milestone on our way to version 1.0! This update includes some GUI changes, such as a new pomodoro timer, but most importantly it includes several changes that make the feeling of the app much more native and faster. For instance, renaming and creating files and directories now does not open up an ugly, big dialog window, but a much smaller popup that lets you enter a name much more neat than before.

Also, now we can finally present to you ready-packed Debian- and Fedora installer packages that let you install the software much easier on UNIX-based systems! These packages will be added later today.

As always:


GUI and functionality

  • Introducing a pomodoro counter! Now you can simply click on the circle at the right end of the toolbar to start a pomodoro counter. It alternates task-phases of 25 Minutes with short breaks of five minutes and, after every fourth task-phase, a longer break of twenty minutes. It also notifies you when a phase is over with a small notification and a soft sound. Head over to the official website to get to know what this technique is about.
  • Switched to default Lato font on all platforms (embedded the font in the app)
  • Additional check whether or not a file/directory already exists at the target location when moving by drag'n'drop
  • Some fixes to the Quicklook-windows
  • Moved some development functions into a "debug" mode that can be activated in the preferences.
  • Now the zoom in/out menu commands only zoom the editor itself, not the whole application
  • Added a small little button to end a search (and thereby make visible again all files)
  • Switched most dialogs to the smaller (and really nice) popups
  • Moved the Exporting options directly to the new share button
  • Now Zettlr shows default context menus for text fields
  • Fixed an issue on opening new project directories that provided you with the current directory's path instead of the project directory
  • Reversed direction of the changelog to display most recent changes at the top of the file.

Under the hood

  • Included jQuery and CodeMirror as npm packages for easier updating
  • Added a ZettlrPopup-class for easy displaying of small forms and info texts, this will replace most ZettlrDialog-forms, because we don't need such a massive dialog box for a single text field (or something else)
  • Updated electron to version 1.8.2, updated other dependencies.
  • Updated scripts section. Now the available commands are:
    • npm run start: Start the development environment
    • npm run less: Same command as previous, now only with more output
    • npm run build:quick: Quick'n'dirty unpacked release for current platform
    • npm run release:this: Build and pack the app for the current platform
    • npm run release:mac: Build and pack for macOS x64 as DMG
    • npm run release:win: Build and pack for Win x64 as NSIS installer
    • npm run release:linux: Build and pack for Linux x64 both as deb and rpm

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