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4 years ago

After some days off, here it finally is: version 0.10.0! This version includes only a few minor changes and bug fixes. But what it does include is a major overhaul of the graphical interface.

What does this mean?!

Very simple:

  1. The app now uses significantly less energy, because everything dedicated to displaying your files and directories has been supercharged and now works at maximum efficiency!
  2. The app is now blazingly fast! As it does not re-render everything on every click, it is now much faster and more responsive. While you could, if you wanted to, save a file a thousand times, thereby completely locking down the application, this is now much harder (besides, why would you want to repeatedly hit Save, anyway?)

All changes, as everytime:


GUI and functionality

  • Fixed a small bug that did not remove the file list if the open directory was removed from the file system. Now, if the current directory is deleted, Zettlr will automatically select the parent directory.
  • Small fix to the translations.
  • Added a toolbar button that also triggers the export dialog.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented you from autocorrecting misspelled words.
  • Fixed the sorting of directories (now case insensitive)
  • Fixed an error that didn't update the ID of a file on renaming
  • Fixed an issue that threw errors sometimes while moving directories

Under the hood

  • Massive rewrite of the logic behind the preview pane. Now only necessary changes are actually re-rendered (and not, as was the case until now, everything), which decreases the locking-potential of the application as well as the average energy impact. Additionally, now it is possible simply to spit out one updated paths-object from main to simply trigger a (possible) re-render.
  • Also massive rewrite of the logic behind the tree view. The changes have the same effects as those in the preview pane.

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