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4 years ago

Another release with heavy changes in the functionality — therefore we've updated the minor-version again to 9! Most changes have been made "under the hood", so they won't be visible during normal use of the app.

Yet, there are two distinct changes that you will notice and that will drastically improve your working experience:

  1. The footnote generation has been heavily improved. Now it should reliably add and remove footnotes so that you can add and remove footnotes with ease and. Also, footnotes are visible on hover, so that you can preview what they contain without having to scroll up and down all the way.
  2. We've begun adding some information to the preview pane — now the last modification-date will be displayed in the snippets section for you to see when you've lastly edited the file.

And again, there have been many bigger and smaller changes to the functionality of the software. See for them the full changelog:


GUI and functionality

  • Fixed a bug that did not show the exact word count of 1.000 words in the toolbar.
  • Translated the word counter into de_DE, en_US, en_GB and fr_FR
  • The preview pane now does not scroll to its top on saving if it does not contain the current file
  • Heavily improved footnote placement and removement
  • Footnotes now show on hover to ease previewing.
  • Fixed a small error that threw errors on deleting file with no file selected
  • Fixed selection accuracy in Quicklook windows after they have been resized.
  • Added modification time of files in the file preview.
  • Modified the night mode and snippets toggler to display the status as checkmark (also amended the translations respectively)

Under the hood

  • Updated development dependencies
  • Additional security check in the trans() method
  • Footnote plugin now features way better RegEx recognition and works reliably.
  • Also, made the footnote placements and deletions to only create one single history event (so that you don't have to press Cmd/Ctrl+Z twice to remove the footnote/re-add the footnote)
  • Added basic watchdog functions. Not very sophisticated by now but it works.
  • Now package.json does not trigger a rebuild of all modules when electron-builder is called (as we only rely on those already prebuilt)
  • Again some rewrites to slimline the app
  • Renamed events (now dir and file are prepended for easier identification)
  • Now the renderer is completely autarc concerning configuration as darkTheme and snippets. This means the renderer can now be reloaded in dev mode without screwing up the config in main. (afterWindowStart() has been removed and set in the renderer)
  • Wrapped the menu generation into a class (making it possible to set menu items based on configuration options)

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