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Release 1.8.0-alpha.2

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pre-release2 years ago

Attention: This release may be unstable.

Again, we have a lot of new bug fixes as well as new functionality. Some new things that we added this release:

  • A typewriter mode
  • A better updating download process (please remember this the next release to check that it works as expected!)
  • The "sidebar" is now the "file manager", whereas the "attachment sidebar" is now just the "sidebar"
  • The sidebar is now tabbed and features also the Table of Contents so that you can keep it open while editing files

Happy testing!


Breaking Changes

  • Renamed the sidebar to file manager. We finally decided on better terminology for distinguishing the right from the left sidebar. This means: The left sidebar, formerly known only as "sidebar," is now the "file manager." The right sidebar, formerly known as "attachment sidebar," is now "the" sidebar. This change was introduced to reduce user confusion and provide a better user experience.

GUI and Functionality

  • New Feature: Typewriter mode. By pressing Cmd/Ctrl+Alt+T, you can activate the typewriter mode, which will keep the current line in the editor always centered so that you have to move your eyes less while editing a text. This also works in combination with the distraction free mode so that you can fully focus on what you're editing right at the moment.
  • New Feature: The sidebar (formerly attachment sidebar) is now tabbified. That means you have three distinct tabs to choose from with regard to displaying important information: the non-markdown files in your currently selected directory, the references in the current file, and the table of contents of the current file.
  • Added syntax highlighting modes (with keywords):
    • diff: diff
    • Dockerfile: docker/dockerfile
    • TOML: toml/ini
  • Fixed the fold-gutter being too close to the text.
  • The editor link autocompletion now respects the setting to use headings level 1 instead of YAML frontmatter titles where possible.
  • The paste image dialog now also provides the original image size as a default value, so that you simply can use the arrow buttons on the field to adjust the image size.
  • Fixed a rare bug where changes would be discarded if you renamed the modified file quickly enough.
  • HTML export should now centre both figures and figure captions.
  • Sorting files by name now takes into account possible settings such as using headings of level 1 or YAML frontmatter titles so that sorted files now correspond to their display again.
  • You can now select rendered references from the right sidebar.
  • The file tabs now have their own, dedicated menu, containing a new "Close all tabs" command to close all open file tabs (thanks to @anoopengineer for implementing).
  • The file info now displays the selection information, if there is any. The popup that opens when you click the counter then lists all selections within your document.
  • When you initiate a keyword search from the tag cloud by clicking on a tag, it'll be automatically enclosed in quotes, enabling searches for keywords with spaces in them.
  • The image paste dialog now shows you the resolved path of the directory into which the image you are about to paste will be saved to.
  • Fixed a missing translatable string from the paste image dialog.
  • Fixed the width of the word counter in order to make the toolbar more "stiff."
  • Enabled Dart syntax highlighting (thanks to @Kangie for implementing).
  • Reduced the added margins for overflowing dialog windows from 15 % to 2 %, making the visible gap on smaller screens smaller.
  • Remove the intermediary .ztr-project-migration code, which means you should update to Zettlr 1.7.x before updating to 1.8.x, if you still use an older version of Zettlr.
  • Fixed (= monkeypatched) a weird bug that would cause selections on specially indented lines (e.g. wrapped blockquotes, list items, etc.) to be padded by precisely four pixels, making the selection not look like a box.
  • Double clicks on file tabs now make files intransient (if they were transient before).
  • The editor is now in a non-editable mode if no file is open. If the editor is read-only, the Zettlr logo will display in the background to indicate that fact. Empty files, on the other hand, will not yield the feather logo anymore. This should now meet up with users' expectations about file editing better.
  • The last opened file will now reliably open whenever you start the application again.
  • File loading (especially on boot) is now much faster, because the opened tabs won't be switched through during load anymore. Only the relevant, last file will be opened and displayed.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent you from exporting standalone files.
  • Non-breaking spaces (NBSP) are now considered word delimiters in the spellchecker.
  • Fixed a bug that would not close all tabs when the corresponding entry was selected from the tab context menu.
  • Fixed a bug where checkboxes of tasks would be strangely hidden on undo/redo operations that checked/unchecked those checkboxes.
  • Fixed a bug that would throw errors and not actually remove the file if said file was a root.
  • Fixed broken shortcuts Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+E (focus the editor) and Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+T (focus the file list).
  • Markdown links to local files that are absolute are now attempted to be opened internally, without recurring to external programs.

Under the Hood

  • Switched to Electron forge (thanks to @tobiasdiez for implementing).
  • Bumped dependencies:
    • @clr/icons 4.0.1
    • @electron-forge/cli 6.0.0-beta.53
    • @electron-forge/plugin-webpack 6.0.0-beta.53
    • @teamsupercell/typings-for-css-modules-loader 2.3.0
    • @typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin 4.1.0
    • @typescript-eslint/parser 4.1.0
    • archiver 5.0.2
    • chokidar 3.4.2
    • codemirror 5.57.0
    • copy-webpack-plugin 6.1.0
    • electron 9.3.0
    • eslint 7.8.1
    • eslint-config-standard-with-typescript 19.0.1
    • eslint-plugin-vue 7.0.0-beta.3
    • file-loader 6.1.0
    • fork-ts-checker-webpack-plugin 5.1.0
    • fsevents 2.1.3
    • got 11.6.2
    • md5 2.3.0
    • mocha 8.1.3
    • node-loader 1.0.1
    • on-change 2.1.2
    • ts-loader 8.0.3
    • typescript 4.0.2
    • uglify-js 3.10.4
    • vue 2.6.12
    • vue-template-compiler 2.6.12
  • Added a new Handlebars templating helper function, i18n_value that allows you to translate something passing a value to the translation helper (e.g. {{i18n_value 'trans.identifier' someValue}}).
  • Refactored the main build Workflow file. Now it doesn't run on a matrix, but due to the many dissimilar steps involved, there are three distinct jobs. Other than that, we switched to the GitHub tag name instead of utilizing a node script to retrieve the package.json version, switched to yarn everywhere and cleaned up the code.
  • Removed the now unused scripts get-pkg-version.js and afterSign.js.
  • Finally removed the verbose IPC calls from the logs.
  • Migrated the toolbar logic from jQuery to vanilla JS.
  • Migrated the main renderer from jQuery to vanilla JS.
  • Migrated the popup class from jQuery to vanilla JS.
  • (Mostly) migrated the dialog classes from jQuery to vanilla JS (tabs are still done using jQueryUI).
  • Added a popup provider for easy creation of popups across the main renderer process.
  • Added an update provider for easy access to specific updating functionality (such as downloading an update, and automatically running it).
  • Migrated any popups that were defined inline into their respective handlebars template files.
  • The TableEditor is now finally a module.
  • Outsourced the CSS computations from the main module of the TableEditor.
  • Migrated the CodeMirror editor instantiation into its own module (MarkdownEditor).
  • Transformed all event listeners on the CodeMirror instance to "hooks" to reflect the fact that they are plugins, except they are not run like parameterless commands but hook into certain events of the application.
  • Moved the CodeMirror assets from the old folder into the MarkdownEditor module.
  • Moved some general utility functions to the common/util-folder.
  • The rendering plugins have been optimized. They now take less time to run and also don't keep an additional array of all the textmarkers in memory, decreasing the computational load especially for big documents.
  • The app now saves the last opened file again.
  • Moved the Turndown and Showdown converters to two utility functions, md2html and html2md.
  • Moved the regular expression for detecting image files by extension into the global RegExp module.
  • Moved the moveSection helper function to the common/util-folder.
  • Documentation fix for safeAssign.
  • Fixes in the tests.
  • Completely refurbished the test command. Now, a full-fledged testing directory will be set up to test features within the GUI without endangering your regular configuration in case you use Zettlr regularly.

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