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V2.2.1 Release

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2 years ago
  • Add some translations
  • Randomize data directory to prevent detection
  • Add more hide methods
  • Support custom query param interception (Common users need not concern about this)
  • Support multiuser
  • Add a small amount of Google ads (This can improve my motivation of development. After all, this is a free module)

  • 增加一些翻译
  • 随机存储目录以防检测
  • 增加更多隐藏手段
  • 支持自定义隐藏字符串(一般用户用不到)
  • 支持多用户
  • 加入少量谷歌广告(开发者也需要恰饭,毕竟这是一个免费模块)

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