github XanaduAI/thewalrus v0.15.0
Version 0.15.0

New features

  • Adds the function random_banded_interferometer to generate unitary matrices with a given bandwidth. #208

  • Adds the function tvd_cutoff_bounds to calculate bounds in the total variation distance between a Fock-truncated and an ideal GBS distribution. #210

  • Adds function for calculating threshold detection probabilities for Gaussian states with displacement. #220

  • Adds new functions total_photon_number_distribution and characteristic_function to study properties of the total photon number distribution of a k identical lossy squeezers. #230

  • Adds new functions xxpp_to_xpxp and xpxp_to_xxpp in the symplectic module to swap the ordering of the quadrature operators in vectors and matrices. #237


  • The hafnians and loop hafnians of diagonal matrices are now calculated in polynomial time. #212

  • Refactors to avoid issues with CFLAGS. #229

  • The fidelity function in quantum/ is rewritten to add clarity. #226

  • Simplifies logic of normal_ordered_expectation by removing mutually cancelling np.conj. #228

Bug fixes

  • Removes unnecessary np.real_if_close statements in quantum/ causing the probabilities to not be normalized. #215

  • Fixes the prefactor in pure_state_amplitude. #231


This release contains contributions from (in alphabetical order):

Jack Brown, Jake Bulmer, Rachel Chadwick, Stefano Paesani, Nicolas Quesada

latest release: v0.15.1
3 months ago