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Version 0.14.0

New features

  • Adds the function find_classical_subsystem that tries to find a subset of the modes with a classical covariance matrix. #193

  • Adds the functions mean_number_of_clicks and variance_number_of_clicks that calculate the first and second statistical moments of the total number of clicks in a Gaussian state centered at the origin. #195

  • Adds the module decompositions with the function williamson to find the Williamson decomposition of an even-size positive-semidefinite matrix. #200

  • Adds the loop_hafnian_quad function to the Python interface for converting double precision matrices into quad precision, doing the calculations in quad precision, and then return the result as a double. #201


  • Introduces a new faster and significantly more accurate algorithm to calculate power traces allowing to speed up the calculation of loop hafnians #199

  • The quantum module has been refactored and organized into sub-modules. Several functions have been renamed, while the old names are being deprecated. #197

  • Adds support for C++14 #202

  • pytest-randomly is added to the test suite to improve testing and avoid stochastically failing tests. #205

  • Modifies the function input_validation to use np.allclose for checking the symmetry of the input matrices. #206

  • Modifies the function _hafnian to calculate efficiently loop hafnians of diagonal matrices. #206

Breaking changes

  • Removes the redundant function normal_ordered_complex_cov. #194

  • Renames the function mean_number_of_clicks to be mean_number_of_click_graph. #195


This release contains contributions from (in alphabetical order):

Theodor Isacsson, Nicolas Quesada, Trevor Vincent

latest releases: v0.15.1, v0.15.0
9 months ago