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Version 0.13.0rc1

New features

  • Adds a new algorithm for hafnians of matrices with low rank. #166

  • Adds a function to calculate the fidelity between two Gaussian quantum states. #169

  • Adds a new module, thewalrus.random, to generate random unitary, symplectic and covariance matrices. #169

  • Adds new functions normal_ordered_expectation, photon_number_expectation and photon_number_squared_expectation in thewalrus.quantum to calculate expectation values of products of normal ordered expressions and number operators and their squares. #175

  • Adds the function hafnian_sample_graph_rank_one in thewalrus.samples to sample from rank-one adjacency matrices. #174


  • Adds parallelization support using Dask for quantum.probabilities. #161

  • Removes support for Python 3.5. #163

  • Changes in the interface and speed ups in the functions in the thewalrus.fock_gradients module. #164

  • Improves documentation of the multidimensional Hermite polynomials. #166

  • Improves speed of fock_tensor when the symplectic matrix passed is also orthogonal. #166

Bug fixes

  • Fixes Numba decorated functions not rendering properly in the documentation. #173

  • Solves the issue with quantum and samples not being rendered in the documentation or the TOC. #173

Breaking changes

  • The functions in thewalrus.fock_gradients are now separated into functions for the gradients and the gates. Moreover, they are renamed, for instance Dgate becomes displacement and its gradient is now grad_displacement. #164


This release contains contributions from (in alphabetical order):

Theodor Isacsson, Filippo Miatto, Nicolas Quesada

latest releases: v0.15.1, v0.15.0, v0.14.0...
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