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18.1.0 RC1

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  • Block Previews: Update shadows in different contexts. (60161)
  • Data views: Make trash a quick action again. (60165)
  • Router: Update history package to 5.3.0, fix query string generation. (60271)
  • Summary: Polish featured image. (60110)
  • Template Parts: Remove pattern title from sidebar. (60160)
  • Template Parts: Update replace flow to separate template parts from patterns. (60203)
  • Template Parts: Update the 'Replace' label to 'Design'. (60156)
  • Try: Show copy shortcut in block options. (60339)
  • Update image role description text to fix spacing. (60338)
  • Update: Move post actions to the editor package. (60092)
  • Zoom out: Invoke zoom out mode when opening the patterns tab, and move the code to do so to a shared hook. (59775)
  • Create block: Add new namespacePascalCase template variable. (60223)

Site Editor

  • Add rename page action in data views. (60230)
  • Center the document title. (59134)
  • Template and Template Part Lists: consolidate when showing revisions link or action. (60194)
  • Editor: Update hover color of editor document title. (60113)
  • Improve the frame animation. (60363)
  • Try selecting closest editable block when clicking on a disabled block. (60016)
  • Update index view for pages. (59950)


  • Add content schema to pattern editing view. (59977)
  • Close inspector on pattern category select. (60004)
  • Focus block selection button only in navigation mode. (60207)
  • Pattern Shuffling: Make the results deterministic. (60074)
  • Patterns page: Enable table layout. (60337)
  • Prevent reordering of header and footer template parts when zoomed out. (60054)
  • Remove manage all of my patterns link. (60345)

Block Library

  • Add __next40pxDefaultSize to Image block Title Attribute. (60117)
  • Add support "HTML Element" to Site Tagline. (59654)
  • Image: Remove temporary image check for rendering controls. (60212)
  • Quote block: Button for cite add/remove. (59073)
  • Quote block: Remove appender. (60307)
  • Reduce specificity of block library styles conflicting with block supports. (59457)
  • Update navigation blocks to use consistent link UI labels and field sizes. (60116)

Post Editor

  • Block Editor: Deprecate __experimentalGetReusableBlockTitle selector. (60278)
  • Editor: Move PluginPostPublishPanel and PluginPrePublishPanel to editor package. (60344)
  • Editor: Move publish panel handling to editor store. (60340)
  • [Editor]: Unify publish sidebar preference. (60334)

Global Styles

  • Add background to global styles changes output. (60229)
  • Background UI controls. (59454)
  • Follow up design tweaks for global styles presets. (60031)
  • Try reducing specificity of global styles selectors only. (60106)

Data Views

  • DataViews: Add a utility to share filtering, sorting and pagination logic. (59897)
  • DataViews: Remove the enumeration type as redundant. (60084)
  • Update template actions. (60075)
  • [Data Views]: Add confirmation modal for clearing customizations in templates. (60119)

List View

  • Add keyboard shortcut to collapse list view items other than the focused item. (59978)
  • Adjust the List View close icon to resemble the Inspector close icon. (59999)
  • Update "Actions" string to "Options" in List View. (60136)

Template Editor

  • Add filter to allow extending the list of post content blocks. (60068)
  • Render non-editable preview of template part when user does not have capability to edit template part. (60326)

Zoom Out

  • Add a delete control to toolbar on zoom-out mode. (60214)
  • Media dialog push content in zoomed out mode. (60170)


  • Popover / ToggleGroupControl: Use useReducedMotion() from @wordpress/compose. (60168)
  • date-fns: Bump to v3.6. (60163)


  • Allow view access of template rest endpoint to anyone with the edit_post capability. (60317)


  • Polish Command Palette. (60134)

Page Content Focus

  • Allow selecting template parts in page content focus mode. (60010)

Inspector Controls

  • Add: PostCardPanel component. (59870)

New APIs


  • Extensibiltiy: Support PluginBlockSettingsMenuItem in the site editor. (60033)

Bug Fixes

  • Columns block: Fix arrow up into it. (55197)
  • DOM: Fix return types of focus.tabbable methods. (60274)
  • Fix block toolbar dropdown separator color. (60336)
  • Global Styles: Make strings translatable. (60127)
  • Shadow: Revert shadow default presets opt-in to opt-out. (60204)
  • URL: Return early in getFilename() where URL argument is falsy. (60265)

Block Library

  • Fix enqueuing block theme styles when separate asset loading is enabled. (60098)
  • Fix lightbox UI disallow editing. (59890)
  • Fix navigation link ui close focus management. (59925)
  • Removed pointer-events none inline style due it blocking crop action. (60305)
  • Search Block: Apply font-related style inheritance to input field. (60321)

Site Editor

  • Fix rendering PluginTemplateSettingPanel when we're editing a template. (60215)
  • Fix: Use viewportWidth in pattern preview data view. (60315)
  • Templates: Fix deferred rendering. (60361)
  • [Site Editor]: Consolidate save button functionality. (60077)

Block Editor

  • Make sure the CSS class is-dark-theme is added to the editor iframe body. (60300)
  • Raw handling: Preserve class. (60331)
  • Raw handling: Preserve empty paragraphs. (59476)
  • Writing flow: Backspace at beginning of first paragraph block prevents block from being deleted. (56329)


  • CustomSelectControlV2: Fix hint behavior in legacy. (60183)
  • InputControl: Ignore IME events when isPressEnterToChange. (60090)
  • TextControl: Apply zero margin to input element. (60282)

Global Styles

  • Fix missing class for Global Styles > Colors. (60094)
  • Reset specificity of body selector when processing with postcss. (60266)

Zoom Out

  • Fix zoom out mode toggling between pattern category selection. (60225)

Data Views

  • Fix focus outline visibility and truncation in data view record titles. (60191)


  • Fix horizontal flex layout in classic themes. (60154)

Post Editor

  • Editor: Memoize 'getInsertionPoint' selector. (60015)


Data Views

  • Add click-to-select behavior on table rows. (59803)
  • Data views list layout: Apply focus styles to items on focus-visible rather than focus. (60253)
  • Update field display in grid layout. (60083)
  • [Data Views] Updating keyboard navigation in list layouts. (59637)

Site Editor

  • Restore Style book close button tooltip. (60177)

Block Library

  • Remove CSS order property from social icons placeholder UI. (60032)


  • Avoid fetching ALL reusable blocks (user patterns) on post/site editor load. (58239)
  • Block editor: Optimize hasSelectedInnerBlock selector. (60330)
  • Templates perf: Resolve patterns server side. (60349)

Block Library

  • Template part: Avoid pattern fetch on mount. (60297)

Block Editor

  • Inserter: Cache search normalization results. (60080)


Site Editor

  • Zoom-out view: Disable canvas resizing. (60104)


  • Add auto generated API documentation for editor package. (60356)
  • Add component props documentation. (60350)
  • Add php @global documentation. (59931)
  • Change heading level on troubleshooting section. (60233)
  • CustomSelectControlV2: Match v1 stories to test legacy component. (60182)
  • Docs: Fix some typos. (60260)
  • Fix @todo tags to follow standards in WordPress comments. (60148)
  • Fix Font Collection JSON schema definition. (60285)
  • Fix: Invalid documentation link to load JavaScript. (60181)
  • Fix: Invalid links to the block supports api. (60199)
  • Fix: Non existent link to submitting to the block directory. (60389)
  • Interactivity API: Variable name correction in the documentation. (60056)
  • [Create Block] Update external template documentation to include variants. (60095)

Code Quality

  • Fix editor canvas overflow on search results with position: Relative. (60287)
  • Editor: Move template areas to editor package. (60179)
  • Style Engine: Continue get_classnames loop after adding the default classname. (60153)
  • Update: Use getPostIcon selector on document bar. (60128)

Block Editor

  • Add comment for unmemoized context. (60272)
  • Fix ESLint warning in BlockListBlock component. (60064)
  • RichText: Switch from disableEditing to standard html readonly attribute. (60327)
  • Site Editor: Reuse inserter search term normalization. (60218)
  • canInsertBlockType: Extract helper for selector dependants. (60235)


  • CustomSelectControlV2: Rename for consistency. (60178)
  • Navigator: Fix two nits. (60273)
  • NavigatorProvider: Move all state management to one reducer. (60190)
  • Components: Try obviating Popover pointer event trap. (59449)

Post Editor

  • Memoize the getTemplateInfo selector. (60200)
  • Update: Remove template summary component. (60351)

Global Styles

  • Additional CSS: Add code comments contextualising tranformStyles for clarity. (60267)
  • Global styles: output :root selector for CSS custom properties. (42084)

Font Library

  • Add test for Font Library and Theme Style Variations. (60250)
  • Update google fonts font collection data URL to the latest version available. (60079)

Block Library

  • Image: Use the new 'useUploadMediaFromBlobURL' hook. (60208)
  • Navigation Block: Add test coverage to check that post content is not removed. (60189)

Site Editor

  • DataViews: Don't memoize every callback 'PagePages' component. (60103)
  • History: Simplify the push and replace methods. (60112)

Rich Text

  • RichText: Separate fallback instance ID for selection retrieval. (60277)

Block Locking

  • E2E: Test BlockSwitcher availability in l-post-ul-group CPT. (60254)

Data Views

  • DataViews: Fix react warning error in list layout. (60101)



  • Automated Testing: Remove Puppeteer CI Job. (59311)
  • CustomSelectControlV2: Stabilize tests. (60133)
  • E2E: Fix flaky Site Editor pages end-to-end test. (60109)
  • Font Library: Add upload font test. (60221)

Build Tooling

  • Blocks: Fix double gutenberg_ prefix in built dynamic blocks PHP. (60288)


  • Backport r57868 (Editor: Prevent font folder naive filtering causing infinite loops) from WordPress-Develop. (60141)
  • Format library: Improve unknown format performance. (48761)

Post Editor

  • Distraction free: Remove unwanted space from string. (60108)

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