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WiiLink Patcher v2.0.2

latest release: v2.0.2-1
20 days ago

NOTE: Due to new executable names, previous versions of the patcher won't be able to automatically update to v2.0.2 from the patcher itself, this will be addressed in a future release. In the meantime, just download from here.

Welcome to the WiiLink Patcher! This patcher does everything you need to get WiiLink services installed automatically! Sit and watch :)

The patching process takes only a few moments depending on your CPU and connection speed.

This release is a minor release that re-rebrands the RiiConnect24 + WiiLink Patcher back to the WiiLink Patcher, to remain consistant with branding changes. It also addresses some reported issues, and removes stuff that isn't being currently utilized by our current services.


  • Rebranded the RiiConnect24 + WiiLink Patcher, now known again as the WiiLink Patcher
  • Downloads SNTP from Open Shop Channel for re-syncing system time to help fix possible time-related issues with Forecast Channel. (Thanks nami1yt!)
  • Removed Region Select WAD, as it's not being used in our Everybody Votes Channel service.
  • Improved removable drive (SD card / USB drive) detection, as well as preventing non-removable drives (HDD/SSD) from being detected or manually selected.
  • Improved way of checking patcher server, hopefully which will reduce or remove false-positives.
    Please report any bugs and general feedback in #testers. If no bugs are found, this may be the release candidate for v2.0.2.

Terminal Usage Guide for macOS and Linux Users:

This requires the use of your OS's Terminal! If you've never used it before, please search for how to use commands like cd, chmod, etc. so you understand how they work.

  1. Open Terminal.
  2. Navigate to the patcher file:
    Use cd /path/to/directory (replace /path/to/directory with your patcher's folder location, like Downloads if you saved the patcher executable there)
  3. Make the patcher executable:
    • macOS: chmod +x WiiLinkPatcher_macOS-x64 (use macOS-ARM64 for M1/M2).
    • Linux: chmod +x WiiLinkPatcher_Linux-<architecture> (replace <architecture> with ARM64 or x64).
  4. Run the patcher:
    • macOS: ./WiiLinkPatcher_macOS-x64 (use macOS-ARM64 for M1/M2).
    • Linux: ./WiiLinkPatcher_Linux-<architecture> (replace <architecture> with ARM64 or x64).
      Ensure you're in the patcher's directory when executing these commands. You can also adjust file permissions via a graphical file manager.

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