github WerWolv/ImHex v1.29.0
Custom layouts, Spanish translation, try-catch statements

19 days ago


  • Added support for saving / loading your own Layouts!
  • Added spanish translation. Thanks a lot to @XorTroll
  • Added a network control interface
    • When enabled, external tools can now send commands to ImHex over a TCP Socket
  • Added non-ranged and aligned value search to find view
  • Added a Documentation helper AI window where you can ask questions about ImHex and the Pattern Language
  • Added selection range radio button to various views to allow specifying of exact start/end addresses
  • Added a button to restore default layout when no views are open
  • Opening .hexproj files through the File -> Open menu now opens them as Projects instead of as Files
  • Names and Values in the pattern data view now display tooltips when hovering over them if they're too long
  • Added bit and byte reversal nodes to the data processor. Thanks to @Nowilltolife
  • Drastically improve the usefulness of the IEEE754 tool. Massive thanks to @paxcut


  • ImHex now tries its best to not keep any file handles around
    • This should allow opening files in other tools while they're already open inside of ImHex.
    • For this to work, the other tool needs to support sharing the file though.
  • Some things that didn't really fit in the Help menu have been moved to the new Extras menu
  • Many things that accessed file data are now significantly faster
  • Files in the file chooser popup can now be opened by double clicking them
  • Greatly improved how popups are being handled
  • Pins in the data processor are more visible now
  • Buttons in the bookmarks view now have tooltips
  • ImHex's FPS limit now better follows the setting
  • ImHex now shows an error message when it can't open files. Thanks to @iTrooz
  • Pattern highlighting is now being generated much more quickly
  • About page is now resizable
  • Diff table is now being cleared properly when providers are closed
  • MacOS should now be able to use the Open With dialog to open a file with ImHex
  • Patterns that are empty can no longer be saved
  • Patterns are now being automatically re-evaluated when code sync is on and the provider is being changed
  • Fixed issue where the cursor icon sometimes got stuck on Windows

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash when trying to place patterns through the Edit menu
  • Fixed issue where Disassembler names didn't correspond to the correct architecture
  • Fixed occasional crashes when opening project files
  • Fixed a bug where the last line of patterns went missing when saving / reloading them
  • Multi-window support is now disabled by default on Linux as it doesn't work well. It can still be enabled in the settings.
  • Fixed issue where some shortcuts triggered twice
  • Fixed commit link in about page not working correctly
  • Fixed provider undo stack not working correctly
  • Fixed crash when patterns are being evaluated to quickly in succession
  • Fixed project files failing to save when custom encodings are loaded
  • Fixed issue where ImHex sometimes dumped a bunch of compiled magic files into the user's current directory
  • Fixed a crash when closing providers too quickly
  • Fixed Copy-As options not being disabled correctly in some cases
  • Fixed issue where editing a hex cell sometimes had the wrong value in it

Pattern Language

  • Added try-catch statements
  • Added std::math::exp()
  • The std::file functions can now write entire patterns to a file instead of just strings
  • Ternary operators now correctly short-circuit
  • Fixed use of templates in pointer sizes
  • Fixed tons and tons of bugs

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