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Extended Scene Sequences

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15 months ago

Additions / Changes:

  • Add option to extend scene sequences
    Extending a scene sequence allows for more complex switching setups, but should also simplify some setups.
    So for example sequences like "A -> B -> A -> C", which previously were only possible by creating a copy of A, can now be specified in a single entry.
    To extend a sequence either select the sequence you want to modify and click the extend sequence button or simply double click the entry.

  • Add option to select 'current transition' as an option for most switching methods.
    This will use whichever transition is currently active.
    The rules specified on the transition tab still take priority of this stetting.

  • Add a scene trigger to unmute an audio source.

  • Add a scene trigger for starting and stopping the scene switcher.

  • Allow specifying transition when reading scenes from file.
    The first line in the file specifies the scene the second line, if present, the transition.

  • Default transitions will now only be set after about 50ms after a scene change. This should prevent the transition change interrupting an ongoing scene change.


  • Fix name conflict with Time and Scene Trigger tab, which would make the Time tab unusable. (Only the Windows version was affected - The 1.9 release was updated to contain this fix)
  • Fix scene switching via reading the scene name from file ignoring the pause option for for file based scene switching.
  • Update the UI's "status" field on the general tab even if the status of the plugin changed externally (For example via hotkey).

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