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Add Scene Group and Scene Trigger tab

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15 months ago

Major Additions:

  • Add scene trigger tab
    This tab allows you to trigger actions on scene change, like stopping streaming or recording.

  • Add scene group tab
    Scene Groups can be selected as a target just like a regular scene.

    As the name suggests a scene group is a collection of multiple scenes.
    The scene group will advance through the list of its assigned scenes depending on the configured settings.

    You can configure the scene group to advance to the next scene in the list:
    After a number of times the scene group is selected as a target.
    After a certain amount of time has passed.
    Or randomly.

    For example, a scene group containing the scenes ...
    Scene 1
    Scene 2
    Scene 3
    ... will activate "Scene 1" the first time it is selected as a target.
    The second time it will activate "Scene 2".
    The remaining times "Scene 3" will be activated.

Minor Additions / Changes:

  • Ask for backup of settings if a new version is detected
  • Add help messages if tab is empty
  • Add option to specify scenes to exclude from Region triggers (Implemented by kieve)
  • Add option to automatically activate the scene switcher on recording or streaming start


  • Fix crash on settings import
  • Fix regex matching for window tab, which would not allow matching if full-screen or maximized was selected as a condition

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