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Audio tab updates

latest releases: 1.17.5, 1.17.4, 1.17.3...
16 months ago

On popular request an option was added which allows you to specify a scene to switch to if multiple audio entries match at the same time.

Additionally the way the conditions for the audio tab entries are checked was changed to now look at the maximum audio peaks over the complete cycle - so the check interval configured on the general tab - instead of just checking the volume at the moment the condition happened to be checked.
You might have to adjust your volume threshold levels.

Additional changes:
Add switch "cool down" option to the general tab which allows you to specify a minimum amount of time that has to pass before a next match will have an effect.
All matches during this time will be ignored.

Link to Transition Table plug-in on transition tab.

Display warning if translation data cannot be found.

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