github WarmUpTill/SceneSwitcher 1.22.0
MIDI, OSC, and more

latest release: 1.22.1
19 days ago


  • Added the new "MIDI" condition and action type.
    It will allow you to interact with MIDI devices and perform actions based on received MIDI input.


  • Added the new "Open Sound Control" action type.
    It will allow you to send messages to OSC devices.


  • Added action to close OBS.
    This will open a dialog asking for confirmation if OBS should be shut down.
    When not interacting with the shutdown dialog for 10 seconds or when confirming the shutdown OBS will be closed automatically.
    If a recording or stream is still active, a separate confirmation prompt has to be confirmed.


  • Added support for configuring the title and icon of system tray messages.


  • Added the option to adjust the recording output folder and file format string.


  • Added the option to check for and set the keyframe interval of the stream settings.


  • Enabled the option to adjust the transition specific behaviour, which is available for the previous / current scene check, to also be available in the scene name pattern matching checks of the "Scene" condition type.


  • Enabled use of variables in filter selections.


  • Added the option to use custom labels for the run and pause buttons in macro docks.


  • Added the "Display" condition type.
    It lets you check the amount of connected displays and their names.


  • Added the option to send and receive websocket messages which do not follow the OBS protocol.



  • Display warning symbol on the General tab if the plugin is set to be inactive.


  • Duplicated macros will now be inserted after the original macro instead of at the end of the macro list.
  • Minor UI layout tweaks.
  • Reworked the "Window" condition type.
    • Adjusted the layout.
    • Added support for use of variables in the window title selection.
    • Added the option to configure the regular expression matching behaviour.
    • Added the option to check for text contained in windows (Windows only)



  • Fixed crash in combination with the video condition's brightness check. (erikvdv1)
  • Fixed websocket events not being processed in certain circumstances.

Checksums: bd1d609838b5f56e1042d9659e0314809a87d2d74df59085c9a773f38cc5fe1e
advanced-scene-switcher-linux-x86_64.deb: 85a15e73aa426caf3179459492122f5ed7eb2f1fa29abd60b5e72577327ad29a
advanced-scene-switcher-macos-arm64.pkg: a55ad4397900a3dd4da939f49450b3363590914b35aaf0aae8369e42573e35c7 4233f8adee4d841893bd5885e76658b9be7315d66ef0f937b31d2f5e1ee183d7
advanced-scene-switcher-macos-universal.pkg: 95df0393a705fc231d1d09c75f0f0ceb560b9b7d0445611f558b95796bdc8d49 d680aca8da66b2d8ac01f6570c7c2478f855530b0a1d7d6117ad0f422808c36f
advanced-scene-switcher-macos-x86_64.pkg: ec1429c1be8c3df2447342f9a9f00cb0c64598b8bde2b9ff755158b51c0b1d63 2356b71403dbcb7c77110f2fe7a96571db507ca269e045f93f45e37b9ab58e20
advanced-scene-switcher-windows-x64-Installer.exe: 4653ce54ed1ceeddad776e92bce5a4635050f1bd7ca281289dab6660046e985a e190ef3e9fec700db67882114c56a29050b856f306ebd377b82fc39c60492964

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