github WarmUpTill/SceneSwitcher 1.17.5
Improvements to UI, video, audio and media related functionality

one month ago


  • Improved the video condition type:

    • Added the option to apply the condition checks to only parts of the selected video source.
      This option can be used for all types of checks where it would be applicable:

      • exact match
      • change detection
      • pattern matching
      • object detection

      This change should open up much more possibilities to use this condition type and can also save a lot of resources for the more expensive operations like object detection.
      For an example on how this could be used have a look at this guide to automatically hide parts of the screen if a certain pattern is found.

    • Added the option to select OBS' main video output as the video source to check.

  • Improved the audio action type:

    • Added the option to specify rate of change instead of duration for audio fade. (1)
    • Added the option to abort any already active audio fade when starting new fade. (2)
      When not using this new option a new audio fade will not start if an audio fade was already in progress for a particular source.
    • Added the option to wait for an audio fade to complete before continuing with the next action. (3)
  • Added media seek action.

  • UI improvements:

    • Added the option to reorder individual conditions or actions via drag and drop.
    • Added a settings dialog to macro tab which contains a few options which can be useful to analyse ...
      • Which macros are currently being executed.
      • Which conditions are true.
      • Which actions are currently being performed.



  • Reworked the stop action of the "Macro" action type to ...

    • Interrupt any ongoing "Wait" action.
    • Block until the macro in question is stopped.
  • Reworked some of the state checks of the "Media" condition type.

    • Removed the "Played to end" state as it worked identically to the "Ended" state.
    • Introduced a new state "Ended(Playlist)", which can be used to check for the end of a playlist.
    • The "Ended" state will not also detect the end of individual playlist items.

    The state "Ended" and "Ended(Playlist)" will only make a difference on the VLC source type as the regular Media Source does not support playlists.
    Any existing Media condition previously using the "Ended" or "Played to end" state checks will automatically be adjusted to use the equivalent "Ended(Playlist)" check.

  • Ignore delete hotkey if the macro tab is not in focus.

  • Tabs which can be represented via macros will now be hidden by default on fresh installations of the plugin.
    This will not change your current settings.
    The goal of this change is to slowly transition away from these outdated tabs and remove them at some point in the future.

  • Update zh-CN locale. (provided by qwe1154323937)


  • Fix date condition's "At" check not working correctly under rare circumstances.
  • Fix random action not being very random.
  • Fix fade animation triggering unexpectedly for action and condition controls.
  • Fix start streaming action only working every second attempt.
  • Fix UI freezes if using the video conditions preview dialog while switching to different condition type.

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