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Macro tab UI improvements

latest release: 1.17.5
2 months ago


  • Added "OBS stats" condition type.
    It allows performing actions based on various OBS and system load related statistics:
    • FPS
    • CPU usage
    • RAM usage
    • Average frame time
    • Percentage of skipped frames
    • Percentage of missed frames
    • Percentage of dropped frames
    • Amount of data streamed or recorded
    • Current bitrate
  • Added the option to check whether or not OBS is currently shutting down to the "Plugin state" condition type.
    This can be useful if you want to perform actions when closing OBS. For example, if you would want to prepare for the next time you start it back up.
  • Added the option to toggle between a simple and a more advanced version of the date condition.
    The simple view supports setting up the condition by just providing a day of the week and a time.
  • Added the option to highlight recently executed macros on the Macro tab.
  • Added hotkey to delete macro segments.
    It can be found the OBS settings' hotkey section.
  • Added Turkish locale (provided by dargat)
  • Allow reordering macros via drag and drop.
  • Reworked the controls for the macro tab's condition and action areas.
    Instead of the controls appearing under each condition or action when hovering other them, these controls were moved to the bottom of the condition and action areas respectively.
    Individual conditions and actions can now be selected by clicking on them and be moved, deleted or copied using the controls mentioned before.
    This should make it easier to work with large amounts of conditions or actions and especially as this avoids the conditions and actions shifting around unexpectedly when hovering over them.
  • Added frame around individual macro segments to visually separate them more clearly.
  • Moved macro segments will now be highlighted to make it easier to track them visually.
  • Removed a bunch of unnecessary collapsing animation triggering when reordering, adding or removing macro segments.
  • In case of having only a few single actions or conditions in a macro the segments will no longer be stretched to fill the entire condition or action area.
  • Slightly reduced spacing between macro segments.
  • Reduced the space taken up by the text edit areas like they are used in the file, filter, source and transform condition and action types.
  • Add context menu entry for expanding and minimizing the condition and action edit area.
  • The "Show match" button of the video condition will now automatically refresh every second instead of only showing a single match.
    This will make it much easier to dial in the settings needed for a successful pattern match or object detection.


  • The last opened tab will now automatically be reopened when opening the plugin's settings dialog.
    It will reset to the General tab after restarting OBS.
  • Allow selecting current scene, previous scene and scene groups in "Switch preview scene" action.
  • Allow switching to already active scene if in studio mode.
  • Use name of the macro to be copied when attempting to duplicate a macro.
  • Also copy the logic type selection when duplicating conditions.
  • Double clicking on items in the lists of the "Run" or "Sequence" actions will now allow you to edit the entry.
  • Added the option to hide the tabs of the plugin which can be expressed via macros and reduce the visible tabs to "General", "Macro", "Network" and "Scene Group".
    This setting will be set as a default in a future version.


  • Fix potential crashes when adding or removing macro actions or conditions.
  • Fix scene switch action blocking unexpectedly
  • Fix when highlighting certain widgets

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