github WarmUpTill/SceneSwitcher 1.17.2
Minor additions and fixes

latest releases: 1.17.5, 1.17.4, 1.17.3...
3 months ago


  • Add "Sequence" macro action.
    This new action will allow you to advance through a list of other macros' actions, advancing to the next item in the list each time this action type is performed.
    An example can be found here.
  • Add macro action to stop other macros to the "Macro" action type.
  • Add option to also check for configured volume level to the "Audio" condition type.


  • Fix unexpectedly returning true for hotkey condition.
    The condition would return true after unpausing a macro, if a configured hotkey was pressed during the time the macro was paused.
  • Fix dock location and size not saving correctly.
  • Fix potential crashes reported with the recent beta releases of OBS.


  • The plugin folder structure has been slightly changed to move any dependencies the plugin ships with into a separate folder "adv-ss-plugins".
    This should make it easier if you would need to manually uninstall the plugin.

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