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Dock, OpenVR, and more

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4 months ago


  • Added the option create a dock widget to check and control whether or not the Advanced Scene Switcher is currently running.
    You can access it via View -> Docks -> Advanced Scene Switcher.
    It can be used just like any other dock and be freely placed in OBS' dock areas.

  • Added the OpenVR macro condition. (Windows only for now)
    This will allow you to perform actions based on where your VR Headset is currently located.
    Thanks for the suggestion and support in testing @munkilicious!

  • Added the option to check if an audio source is muted.

  • Added the condition "Studio Mode".
    This will allow you to check whether or not studio mode and which preview scene is currently active.

  • Added action to switch the current OBS profile.

  • Added action to switch scene collections.

  • Added action to import plugin settings from a file.


  • Added the option to the "Switch scene" action to wait for the transition to complete before continuing with the next action.
    This will make it much easier to set up a sequence of scene switches without having to know the duration of each transition beforehand.

  • Improved the scene item selection for visibility, order, and transform related macro actions and conditions.
    If a particular scene item exists multiple times in the selected scene you can now choose which scene item in particular shall be selected.
    The previous behaviour of selecting all scene items is also available still.


  • Fix startup behaviour settings not loading correctly, causing the plugin to always be active on startup.
  • Fix crash when reordering macros which were marked to run in the background.
  • Fix volume not changing when selecting a fade with a duration of zero seconds.
  • Fix plugin asking to backup settings when starting the plugin for the first time.


  • The OpenCV parts of the plugin have been moved outside the main plugin into a separate library.
    This was done to avoid the issue (especially on Linux) of the whole plugin not being able to start if a particular version of OpenCV was not available.
  • I started work on the wiki for this plugin:
    Feel free to contribute! :)

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