github WarmUpTill/SceneSwitcher 1.16.5
Minor additions and improvements

latest releases: 1.17.5, 1.17.4, 1.17.3...
5 months ago


  • Add macro action for triggering screenshots.
    Individual sources, scenes or OBS' main output is supported.
  • Add macro action to display system tray notifications.
  • Add hotkey to toggle pause state of macros.
    This will allow setting up even more complicated hotkey actions.
  • Add button to manually run macro actions.
    This will make it much easier to test macro actions.
  • Allow running macros in parallel to other macros.
    Previously a macro containing actions that would take a long time to execute (e.g. the "wait" condition) would "block" the plugin from performing any other checks or actions during this time.
    While in some situations, this could be the desired effect, there are certainly also situations where this is not ideal. (E.g. a continuous scene switching loop)
    Checking this box will allow you to run a macro's action in parallel to other potentially running actions.
  • Add condition to check if the plugin is running.
    This is mostly useful if you need a condition that is always true, but could also be used to perform actions if the plugin was running for a specific amount of time when combining it with a time constraint. (Small clock icon)


  • Allow setting random duration in specified range.
  • The run action now also supports supplying a path to a file that is not an application itself.
    So for example, if you pass it the path to an mp3 file and your default media player is VLC it will launch the VLC player and start playback of this file, just as if you would have clicked on the file's icon on the desktop.
  • Add option to match any or all media sources of a specific scene.
  • Add the option to execute another macro's actions.
  • Suggest a file name when saving settings.
  • Minor UI improvements like resize lists on the macro tab to minimum necessary height.


  • Add the option to check for the source and the target scene of an ongoing transition.
    At the same time the option "wait for transition to complete" was removed from the "current scene is" check as it did not really fit into that category and its description was not really formulated clearly to begin with.
    Note that the behaviour has not change for any already existing macros.
  • Add a warning if the macro functionality is not running with highest priority.
  • Update locale (zh-CN locale provided by qwe1154323937)


  • The plugin is now also available via Flatpak on Linux

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