github WarmUpTill/SceneSwitcher 1.16.2
Improve video and timer condition

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6 months ago


  • Improve the video condition's pattern matching functionality:
    This option now supports the option to provide a mask for the used pattern by using the pattern's alpha channel.
    In short, this will allow you to match parts of an image which are not shaped as a rectangle.
    For example using the following pattern ...
    ... will all you to match both of the following images:

  • Improve the timer condition and add a timer action:
    The timer condition was improved to now support pausing and continuing the timer.
    The timer's state will now also be saved and reloaded when exiting and relaunching OBS.
    So if a timer still had 10 seconds remaining of a 60 second timeout when exiting OBS, the timer will now continue at 10 seconds when restarting OBS.
    A corresponding timer macro action was introduced also:
    This new action will allow you to pause, continue, reset and set remaining time of timers of other macros.

Minor additions and changes:

  • Add description for the "minimum neighbors" parameter for the object detection
  • Reword date condition's repeat option
  • Add version info to the window title
  • Add "wait for transition to complete option" for current scene check on the macro tab
  • Slightly clean up general tab


  • Fix minimum neighbors parameter of object detection not loading correctly
  • Fix crash when switching scene collection during macro wait action
  • Fix newly created scene sequences not working when including scene groups
  • Fix scroll position being lost on the macro tab when adding or removing macro segments
  • Fix exact image match not working when using images containing alpha channel information

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