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Improve date condition

latest releases: 1.17.5, 1.17.4, 1.17.3...
9 months ago


  • Expand date macro condition functionality.
    This condition type now supports specifying a range of time during which the condition will be true.
    For example:
    Time ranges can be selected using the options "before", "after" and "between" and a time point can be selected using the "at" option.


  • Fix crash when deleting macro that is currently running a "wait" action.
  • Fix wait action causing macros to be aborted randomly.
  • Fix matching settings of sources and filters using macro conditions.
    Previously, depending on which version of OBS you were using, the settings would only match when using "flat" json formatting, which was not used when pressing the "Get current settings" button.
  • Fix writing current scene to file.

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