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Macro tab UI changes

latest releases: 1.17.5, 1.17.4, 1.17.3...
10 months ago

Macro tab UI changes:

  • Add the ability to reorder, add and remove macro conditions and actions in place.
    These new controls will appear when hovering over a macro condition or action.

  • Persist collapse / expanded state of conditions and actions.

  • Add option to expand or collapse all macro actions or conditions.
    Right click inside the conditions or actions area to access these controls.

  • Prevent accidental edits of actions and conditions when scrolling by disabling scroll wheel interactions for widgets which have not explicitly gained focus by clicking on them.

Cursor macro condition changes:

  • Extend the mouse cursor macro condition to support detecting if the cursor was moved.

  • Add the option to show a frame highlighting the current screen region selected for a cursor macro condition.

  • Show current cursor position.


  • Fix crash on Wayland based Linux systems.
    Note that functionality relying on information provided X window manager (e.g. current foreground window) might not be functional on these systems.

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