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More macro additions

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10 months ago

Important note: The minimum supported version of OBS for this update is OBS 27!
The main focus of this update was to extend the capabilities of the macro tab once again.


  • Add macro condition and action "hotkey"
    The action will allow you to simulate key presses. (Windows and Linux only)
    The condition will allow you to trigger arbitrary macros with via hotkeys in OBS.
  • Add macro condition "Macro"
    The macro condition "Macro" contains the condition type previously named "Count" and also adds the option to check the condition state of other macros.
    This allows nesting of macro conditions in other macros.
    For example the following can now be configured using this new option:
    "If (scene 1 or scene 2 or scene 3 is active) for at least x amount of time"
  • Add macro filter condition and extend the filter action to allow modifying filter settings.
  • Add macro condition "timer" (previously known as "interval")
  • Add macro action and condition "scene item order"
  • Add macro action "scene transform"
  • Add macro condition "replay buffer"
  • Add support for arguments for macro action "run"
  • Add macro action "file", which will allow you to write or append to files
  • Add macro condition "date"
  • Add macro action and condition for virtual camera
  • Add option to only trigger window condition if the foreground window changed (Thanks jan-leila!)
  • Expand macro action plugin-state to support changing no-match behaviour
  • Add option to select "current scene" for some macro actions and conditions to reduce the need for multiple macros for each scene
  • Display more information about macros in collapsed state

Other changes:

  • Abort macro actions if a wait action was aborted by manual scene change
  • Place extended sequence widget in a scroll area
  • Allow matching empty files with the macro file condition and file tab
  • Format JSON strings whenever they are shown to the user to make editing them much easier
  • Set timeouts in curl calls to avoid blocking the whole plugin
  • Add a scene trigger to control virtual camera


  • Check for invalid settings on the transition tab which would result in the configured transitions to be ignored. (Thanks AuracleTech!)
  • Do not only check for libcurl in hardcoded paths (Should only affect Linux / MacOS)

Special thanks to ASchneider for his great support in testing and spotting bugs!

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