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Add macro tab

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12 months ago

Added the Macro tab

Macros will allow you to perform a string of actions based on a combination of conditions.
For example this will allow you to only used audio based scene switching if a certain window is currently in focus.
But the actions are also not limited to just scene switching so you could for example mute your microphone while a media source is playing.

The macro actions currently supported are:

  • wait
  • switch scene
  • audio un-/mute
  • streaming start / stop
  • recording start / stop / un-/pause
  • replay buffer start / stop / save
  • run a program

Macro conditions that are currently supported are:

  • window
  • screen region
  • audio
  • file
  • media
  • video
  • stream
  • recording
  • scene
  • process
  • idle

I plan on mostly focusing development on this new functionality and will be slowly fading out other tabs which do the same thing but worse. (For example media / video / audio tab)
If you should disagree with this approach please let me know.


Other changes and fixes:

  • Add option "has changed" to video tab

  • Add option to set transition duration

  • Only send scene switch messages if scene was actually switched (Network tab)

  • Adjust default setting values of transition tab

  • Fix previous scene not working for some sequences

  • Fix transition overrides not restoring duration correctly

  • Reset tab order if config is invalid

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