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Add network tab

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14 months ago

Additions and changes:

  • Add "Network" tab.
    The network tab allows you to open a web-socket or connect to a web-socket to synchronize the active scene between two or more instances of OBS.
    The functionality is mostly based on
    An OBS instance running a server will send its currently active scene to all connected clients on scene change.
    By default all scene switches will trigger a message to be sent to all clients, but you also have the option to limit sending these messages only when an automated scene change is triggered by the advanced scene switcher.

  • Add option to check volume of 'inactive' audio sources.

  • Add option to configure default transition delay.

  • Enable use of Scene Groups for Random tab.


  • Fix audio tab not supporting mono audio output.
  • Fix window based scene switching always testing for focus.

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