github VictoriaMetrics/operator v0.34.0

latest release: v0.34.1
12 days ago

Changes since v0.33.0

Breaking changes

  • [Operator]: allows to properly run operator with single namespace. It changes default behavior with WATCH_NAMESPACE param is set. Operator will no longer make any calls for cluster wide resources and create only single namespace config for VMAgent. #641


  • [VMNodeScrape]: fixed selectors for Exists and NotExists operators with empty label Thanks @Amper in #646
  • [VMRule] Add config for vmrule in validating webhook Thanks in #650
  • [VMAgent]: skips misconfigured objects with missed secret references: #648
  • [VMAgent]: correctly renders initContainer for configuration download: #649


  • [VMAlertmanager]: Bump alertmanager to v0.25.0 Thanks @tamcore in #636
  • [VMCluster] added clusterNativePort field to VMSelect/VMInsert for multi-level cluster setup (#634) Thanks @Amper in #639
  • [VMRule]: add notifierHeader field in vmrule spec Thanks @Haleygo in #622
  • [VMPodScrape]: adds FilterRunning option as prometheus does in #640
  • [VMAuth]: adds latest features in #642

Full Changelog: v0.33.0...v0.34.0

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