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Released at 2024-04-19

v1.97.x is a line of LTS releases. It contains important up-to-date bugfixes for VictoriaMetrics enterprise.
All these fixes are also included in the latest community release.
The v1.97.x line will be supported for at least 12 months since v1.97.0 release

  • SECURITY: upgrade Go builder from Go1.21.7 to Go1.22.2. See the list of issues addressed in Go1.22.1 and the list of issues addressed in Go1.22.2.

  • BUGFIX: prevent from automatic deletion of newly registered time series when it is queried immediately after the addition. See this and this issue.

  • BUGFIX: vmagent: properly set Host header in requests to scrape targets when server_name option at tls_config is set. Previously the Host header was set incorrectly to the target hostname in this case.

  • BUGFIX: vmagent: properly set Host header in requests to scrape targets if it is specified via headers option. Thanks to @fholzer for the bugreport and the fix.

  • BUGFIX: vmalert: set correct endsAt value in notifications sent to the Alertmanager. Previously, a rule with evaluation intervals lower than 10s could never be triggered. See this issue for details.

  • BUGFIX: vmalert: properly account for -rule.resendDelay for alerting rules that are constantly switching state from inactive to firing. Before, notifications for such rules could have been skipped if state change happened more often than -rule.resendDelay. See this pull request for details.

  • BUGFIX: vmalert: respect -remoteWrite.maxBatchSize at shutdown period. See this issue. Thanks to @jiekun for the pull request.

  • BUGFIX: vmalert: supported any status codes from the range 200-299 from alertmanager. Previously, only 200 status code considered a successful action. See this issue.

  • BUGFIX: vmalert: avoid blocking /api/v1/rules, /api/v1/alerts, /metrics APIs when alerting rule uses template functions query, which could takes a while to execute. See this issue.

  • BUGFIX: vmbackupmanager: fix panic when performing a restore from GCS. Previously, filters for GCS objects were not properly set which caused objects to be returned instead of prefixes.

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