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v4.5.3 Release

28 days ago

Steam Audio SDK 4.5.3

  • Fix iplSceneSaveOBJ to save the .mtl file when exporting an IPL_SCENETYPE_EMBREE scene.
  • Fix iplSceneSaveOBJ to also export instanced meshes when exporting an IPL_SCENETYPE_DEFAULT scene.
  • Fix crash in iplSimulatorRunPathing when changing scenes. (#303)
  • Update API docs for custom ray tracer callbacks. (#319)
  • Fix Embree build settings to allow instanced meshes to work again. (#322)
  • Fix crash when IPLReflectionEffect and IPLSimulator are created with different number of channels. (#324)
  • Merge the following pull requests:
    • Fix typo in command in build-instructions.rst (#304)
    • Fix broken link to build instructions in (#310)
    • Set volume in getting-started.rst example (#309)
    • Use IPLuint8 instead of uint8_t in phonon.h (#315)
    • uint32_t -> IPLuint32 in phonon_version.h to avoid dependency on stdint.h (#325)
    • Add support for AVX on Linux (#327)
    • Fix failing to build flatbuffers on macOS (#332)
    • Fix incorrect validation (#333)

Steam Audio Unity Plugin 4.5.3

  • Add SteamAudioManager.NotifyAudioListenerChangedTo(Transform transform) to notify Steam Audio that the listener has changed to a specific GameObject. (#323)
  • Merge the following pull requests:
    • fix enterplaymodeoptions interpretation that would consider that the overrides are ticked in the editor, while it is not the case (#321)

Steam Audio Unreal Engine Plugin 4.5.3

  • Fix crash when simulating pathing. (#265)
  • Fix missing include in SteamAudioGeometryComponent.cpp. (#316)

Steam Audio FMOD Studio Plugin 4.5.3

No changes.

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