github UnknownShadow200/ClassiCube 1.1.8
Release 1.1.8

Most noticeable changes:

  • Added: Custom Models (Thanks SpiralP & Goodly)
  • Added: Can now take screenshots in web client
  • Improved: Reduce glVertexAttribPointer calls to improve performance in web client when low performance is due to gl call overhead
  • Improved: Launcher scales properly with DPI now
  • Fixed: 'c' and 'v' appearing in chat when copy/pasting on 32 and 64 bit mac builds
  • Fixed: Textures not getting properly restored on webgl/GLES context loss
  • Fixed: Try to workaround bug in some browser versions which caused cursor to stay visible in webclient
  • Fixed: having to click chat/inventory/fullscreens buttons in extended touch controls twice to get them to work
  • Fixed: Fog button in extended touch controls menu not even working at all
  • Fixed: Caps lock not working on 64 bit mac build
  • Fixed: After resizing game on 64 bit mac build, the left mouse button is stuck down
  • Improved: Enforce third person camera clipping when -noclip is in motd
  • Improved: Don't allow zooming out third person camera if flying is disabled
  • Improved: Show slightly more user friendly decimal instead of hexadecimal error numbers
  • Fixed: Old textures sometimes persisting when server changes texture pack
  • Fixed: Textures appearing white when using direct3d9 and initial context creation failed

Other changes:

  • Fixed: Clipboard not working with IE11 in webclient
  • Fixed: example not working
  • Fixed: Mouse getting stuck down if released outside window on 64 bit mac build
  • Improved: Allow using 32x64 etc skins too (really for custom models)
  • Improved: If OpenAL initialisation fails, return correct error code
  • Fixed: Launcher text appearing as boxes on some android 10 device
  • Fixed: Picking the block on border outside map accidentally extending infinitely
  • Fixed: Web client not compiling on really old emscripten versions (e.g. 1.38.21)
  • Fixed: Custom particles that spawn inside a block appearing for a few frames before disappearing
  • Improved: Cross compiling to windows for ARM in MSVC works now
  • Improved: Dynamically load d3d9.dll, so launcher will still load even when Direct3D9 is missing
  • Improved: Bump up max number of arguments for client commands from 10 to 50
  • Fixed: Include Geneva in default fonts list, fixes crashing on macOS panther
  • Improved: Add documentation for compiling with visual studio command line
  • Improved: When disconnecting from server due to invalid opcode, also include opcode of last valid packet in message
  • Improved: The game now can compile for macOS panther much easier
  • Fixed: In launcher if you clicked Updates -> Any button to download before update checking had actually finished, it wouldn't do anything.
  • Added: Release packaging part of buildbot
  • Fixed: Rare 'options.txt already in use' errors
  • Added: Support for compiling linux build for RISCV
  • Improved: Condense plugin loading failure messages a little bit
  • Fixed: Rare case where launcher process wouldn't terminate after closing the window
  • Improved: For auto-join server hash, also try to automatically sign in user
  • Improved: Try to disconnect instead of outright crashing when server sends invalid map
  • Fixed: Block permissions not getting reset on disconnect
latest release: 1.1.9
2 months ago