github UnknownShadow200/ClassiCube 1.1.7
Release 1.1.7

Main user-facing noticeable changes:

  • Fixed placing/deleting blocks > id 256 in singleplayer with physics enabled crashing the game
  • Improved: Split up gui options into gui options/chat options
  • Added: Can turn chat logging to disc on/off
  • Improved: Show a better message when unable to create backbuffer or depth format for direct3d9 backend
  • Added: Icons to both 32/64 mac builds (Only for in dock when running the game though)
  • Fixed: Chat announcement being at wrong position on android build

Less interesting technical changes:

  • Fixed: PNG images which had some garbage data in IDAT chunk after compressed image data not loading
  • Improved: Disconnect instead of crashing game if server sends invalid GZIP header for map data
  • Fixed: Don't crash game if initing OpenAL fails
  • Improved: Load OpenAL dynamically (that way game still starts even if OpenAL is missing on mac/linux)
  • Improved: OpenAL backend can be compiled without needing openal includes/libs
  • Improved: Fixed wrong behaviour on systems with only XInput 2.0
  • Improved: Load curl dynamically (that way game still starts even if curl is missing on mac/linux)
  • Improved: curl backend can be compiled without needing curl includes/libs
  • Added: Support for dynamically loading libraries on mac < 10.4
  • Improved: BSD systems use current curl/openal libraries, instead of hardcoding to 1 version
  • Improved: Check exact client cmd name match before falling back onto checking if cmd name starts with input
  • Fixed: Web client not working at runtime when compiled with newer emscripten
  • Improved: Export some more functions for plugins
latest releases: 1.1.9, 1.1.8
4 months ago