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ML-Agents Release 20

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19 months ago

Package Versions

NOTE: It is strongly recommended that you use packages from the same release together for the best experience.

Package Version (C#) v2.3.0-exp.3 (C#) v0.6.1-preview
ml-agents (Python) v0.30.0
ml-agents-envs (Python) v0.30.0
gym-unity (Python) v0.30.0
Communicator (C#/Python) v1.5.0

Release Notes

Major Changes / (C#)

  • The minimum supported Unity version was updated to 2021.3. (#)

ml-agents / ml-agents-envs

  • Add your trainers to the package using Ml-Agents Custom Trainers plugin. (#)
    • ML-Agents Custom Trainers plugin is an extensible plugin system to define new trainers based on the
      High level trainer API, read more here.
  • Refactored core modules to make ML-Agents internal classes more generalizable to various RL algorithms. (#)
  • The minimum supported Python version for ML-agents has changed to 3.8.13. (#)
  • The minimum supported version of PyTorch was changed to 1.8.0. (#)
  • Add shared critic configurability for PPO. (#)
  • We moved UnityToGymWrapper and PettingZoo API to ml-agents-envs package. All these environments will be
    versioned under ml-agents-envs package in the future (#)

Minor Changes / (C#)

  • Added switch to RayPerceptionSensor to allow rays to be ordered left to right. (#)
    • Current alternating order is still the default but will be deprecated.
  • Added suppport for enabling/disabling camera object attached to camera sensor in order to improve performance. (#)

ml-agents / ml-agents-envs

  • Renaming the path that shadows torch with "mlagents/trainers/torch_entities" and update respective imports (#)

Bug Fixes / (C#)

ml-agents / ml-agents-envs

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