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ML-Agents Release 2

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4 years ago

Package Versions

As part of ML-Agents Release 2, we will be versioning the different packages that make up the release.
NOTE: It is strongly recommended that you use packages from the same release together for the best experience.

Package Version (C#) v1.0.2
ml-agents (Python) v0.16.1
ml-agents-envs (Python) v0.16.1
gym-unity (Python) v0.16.1
Communicator (C#/Python) v1.0.0

Bug Fixes (C#)

  • A bug that would cause the editor to go into a loop when a prefab was selected was fixed. (#3949)
  • BrainParameters.ToProto() no longer throws an exception if none of the fields have been set. (#3930)
  • The Barracuda dependency was upgraded to 0.7.1-preview. (#3977)

ml-agents / ml-agents-envs / gym-unity (Python)

  • An issue was fixed where using --initialize-from would resume from the past step count. (#3962)
  • The gym wrapper error for the wrong number of agents now fires more consistently, and more details
    were added to the error message when the input dimension is wrong. (#3963)
  • Miscellaneous documentation fixes.

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