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ML-Agents Release 18

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3 years ago

Package Versions

NOTE: It is strongly recommended that you use packages from the same release together for the best experience.

Package Version (C#) v2.1.0-exp.1 (C#) v0.5.0-preview
ml-agents (Python) v0.27.0
ml-agents-envs (Python) v0.27.0
gym-unity (Python) v0.27.0
Communicator (C#/Python) v1.5.0

Release Notes

Minor Changes / (C#)

  • Updated Barracuda to 2.0.0-pre.3. (#5385)
  • Fixed NullReferenceException when adding Behavior Parameters with no Agent. (#5382)
  • Added stacking option in Editor for VectorSensorComponent. (#5376)

ml-agents / ml-agents-envs / gym-unity (Python)

  • Locked cattrs dependency version to 1.6. (#5397)
  • Added a fully connected visual encoder for environments with very small image inputs. (#5351)
  • Colab notebooks illustrating the use of the Python API were added to the repository. (#5399)

Bug Fixes / (C#)

  • RigidBodySensorComponent now displays a warning if it's used in a way that won't generate useful observations. (#5387)
  • Updated the documentation with a note saying that GridSensor does not work in 2D environments. (#5396)
  • Fixed an error where sensors would not reset properly before collecting the last observation at the end of an episode. (#5375)

ml-agents / ml-agents-envs / gym-unity (Python)

  • The calculation of the target entropy of SAC with continuous actions was incorrect and has been fixed. (#5372)
  • Fixed an issue where the histogram stats would not be reported correctly in TensorBoard. (#5410)
  • Fixed error when importing models which use the ResNet encoder. (#5358)

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