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ML-Agents Release 10

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3 years ago

ML-Agents Release 10

Package Versions

NOTE: It is strongly recommended that you use packages from the same release together for the best experience.

Package Version (C#) v1.6.0
ml-agents (Python) v0.22.0
ml-agents-envs (Python) v0.22.0
gym-unity (Python) v0.22.0
Communicator (C#/Python) v1.2.0

Major Features and Improvements

New Demo Environment

  • The Match3 environment was added to the Project, it uses the new utilities added in

ml-agents / ml-agents-envs / gym-unity (Python)

  • PyTorch trainers are now the default. See the installation docs for more information on installing PyTorch. For the time being, TensorFlow is still available; you can use the TensorFlow backend by adding --tensorflow to the CLI, or adding framework: tensorflow in the configuration YAML. (#4517)

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes / (C#)

  • The Barracuda dependency was upgraded to 1.1.2 (#4571)
  • Utilities were added to to make it easier to integrate with match-3 games. See the readme for more details. (#4515)
  • Agent.CollectObservations() and Agent.EndEpisode() will now throw an exception if they are called recursively (for example, if they call Agent.EndEpisode()). Previously, this would result in an infinite loop and cause the editor to hang. (#4573)

ml-agents / ml-agents-envs / gym-unity (Python)

  • The action_probs node is no longer listed as an output in TensorFlow models (#4613).

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