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ML-Agents Beta 0.8.2

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New Features

  • The Unity Inference Engine upgraded to version 0.2.2 with fixes for issues on discrete actions and visual observations.
  • Video recorder.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Added a script to automate the check for metafiles.
  • Added no graphics option to gym wrapper.
  • Ability to switch to a certain scene within a build before training starts.
  • Added a script to turn on the control mode for all the brains in the example scenes.
  • Various improvements to the documentation.
  • Fixed the issue that the demo filenames might be too long and corrupt the demo files.
  • Fixed the issue where the last action recorded by demonstration recorder in an episode was always 0.
  • Fixed the null reference bug on demonstration recorder.
  • Fixed a bug on parallel environment.
  • External PRs require agreement to our Contributors License Agreement (both for individuals and on behalf of corporations)


Thanks to everyone at Unity who contributed to v0.8.2, as well as: @TashaSkyUp, @rsfutch77 , @laurentopia, @LeSphax, @GProulx, @automata

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