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Brains have been changed to ScriptableObjects instead of MonoBehaviors. This will allow you to set Brains in prefabs and use the same Brains across multiple scenes. Please see Migrating from v0.5 to v0.6 documentation for more information.

  • Internal and External Brain types have been replaced by a LearningBrain asset.
  • Heuristic Brain type have been replaced by a HeuristicBrain asset.
  • Player Brain type have been replaced by a PlayerBrain asset.
  • Brains are now exposed to the Python training process through the "Broadcast Hub" within the Academy component.

New Features

  • [Unity] Demonstration Recorder. It is now possible to record the actions and observations of an Agent from the Editor, and use them to train Agents at a later time. This allows you to reuse training data for multiple training sessions.
  • [Communication] Added a make_for_win.bat file to generate the protobuf objects in protobuf-definitions on Windows machines.
  • Added debug warnings to the LearningBrain when models are not compatibles with the Brain Parameters.


  • Removed the graph scope from trained models. When training multiple Brains during the same session, one graph per Brain will be created instead of one single graph with multiple graph scopes.

Fixes & Performance Improvements

  • Various improvements to documentation.

Known Issues

  • Ending training early using CTL+C does not save the model on Windows.


Thanks to everyone at Unity who contributed to v0.5.0, as well as: @eltronix, @bjmolitor, @luhairong, @YuMurata

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