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ML-Agents Beta 0.15.1

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pre-release4 years ago

Bug Fixes

  • Raise the wall in the CrawlerStatic scene to prevent the Agent from falling off. (#3650)
  • Fixed an issue where specifying vis_encode_type was required only for SAC. (#3677)
  • Fixed the reported entropy values for continuous actions. (#3684)
  • Fixed an issue where switching models using SetModel() during training would use an excessive amount of memory. (#3664)
  • Environment subprocesses now close immediately on timeout or wrong API version. (#3679)
  • Fixed an issue in the gym wrapper that would raise an exception if an Agent called EndEpisode multiple times in the same step. (#3700)
  • Fixed an issue where logging output was not visible; logging levels are now set consistently. (#3703)

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