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ML-Agents Beta 0.12.0

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Major Changes

  • TensorFlow 2.0.0 is now supported. This is done through the tf.compat.v1 interface (#2665)
  • Vector observations from the Agent are now sent using the ISensor interface. (#2813)
    • Demonstration files recorded using previous versions are not compatible with 0.12.0
  • Custom observations, custom actions, text observations, and text actions were removed. (#2839)
  • Raycast and spherecast observations are now done through a RayPerceptionSensor, and should be configured by adding a RayPerceptionSensorComponent3D to an Agent. See the Migration Guide for more details. (#2874)
    • RayPerceptionSensor adds more configuration such as toggling between raycasts and spherecasts, and better debug display.
    • RayPerception3D and RayPerception2D are deprecated and will be removed in the next release.

For instructions on how to migrate from 0.11.0 to 0.12.0 see the Migration Guide.

Minor Fixes and Improvements

  • A bug in how RayPerception3D used the vertical offset parameters was fixed. This may cause a behavior change in your observations; see the Migration Guide for more details. (#2823)
  • A bug which swapped the height and width dimensions in visual observation was fixed. (#2919)
  • Memories and previous actions are no longer passed between the environment and the trainer. These are now saved by the trainer and at inference. This affects the low-level API but existing models are still compatible. (#2795, #2913)
  • Unity Inference Engine (Barracuda) was upgraded to 0.3.2, and it is now installed via the Unity Package Manager. Please see the Barracuda release notes for the list of changes.
  • An issue with setting num_batches_per_epoch past the number of batches in the buffer while using recurrent and BC was fixed (#2965)
  • Addressed an issue with setting pretraining steps to 0 (continuous pretraining) (#2977)

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