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ML-Agents Beta 0.11.0

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Major Changes

  • The BroadcastHub has been deprecated. If there is a training Python process, all LearningBrains in the scene will automatically be trained. If there is no Python process, inference will be used.
  • The Brain ScriptableObjects have been removed. The Brain Parameters are now on the Agent and are referred to as Behavior Parameters. Make sure the Behavior Parameters is attached to the Agent GameObject.
  • The setup for visual observations has changed significantly.
    • Camera resolutions are no longer stored in the Brain Parameters.
    • AgentParameters no longer stores lists of Cameras and RenderTextures
    • To add visual observations to an Agent, you must now attach a CameraSensorComponent or RenderTextureComponent to the agent. The corresponding Camera or RenderTexture can be added to these in the editor, and the resolution and color/grayscale is configured on the component itself.
  • The definition of the gRPC service has changed.
  • The online BC training feature has been removed.

For instructions on how to migrate from 0.10.x to 0.11.0 see the Migration Guide.

See the updated Getting Started and Basic Guide for more information.

Minor Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an exception being thrown when dragging between two screens with different DPIs (#2782)
  • Improved hyperparameters for the GridWorld environment using SAC (#2776)
  • Fixed crash when SAC is used with Curiosity and Continuous Actions (#2740)
  • Sped up processing large vector observations (#2717)
  • Fixed bug causing excessive memory usage during inference (#2722)
  • Added support for multiple training areas in the GridWorld environment (#2721)
  • RayPerception.Perceive() was made abstract and RayPerception2D now correctly overrides it. (#2788)

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