github TwidereProject/TwidereX-Android 1.6.0

latest releases: 1.7.0-beta02, 1.7.0-beta01
14 months ago

What's new in 1.6.0

  • Experimatal desktop version.
  • Mute and block support.
  • Gif insertion support
  • Optimizing video play for timeline.
  • Enable sensitive content blur for Twitter (by @enaix )
  • Fix startup crash in Android 12
  • Fix Clicking on the searchbar already with text (#304)
  • Fix DMs tab is killed by block/deleted account (#384)
  • Fix App crashes when viewing list members (#310)
  • Add Share button for Tweet (#344)
  • [Mastodon] Mastodon OAuth URL with spaces breaks when using DuckDuckGo as a browser (#326)

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