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0.5.8 - A new feature and a bug fix

one day ago

This update includes a bug fix and introduces a new option


  • New: A new option on the Settings page is available to limit the number of updates to process. The default is All updates. You can also choose from 50, 100, 250 or 500 of the most recent updates. Note that this number is BEFORE any updates are excluded. The item counter in the upper right will update to indicate the limit. Choosing to limit the number of updates processed may be helpful when there are a larger number of updates or on slower machines.

  • Fixed: The Copy Grid to Clipboard menu selection will now actually copy the grid to the clipboard. 😳


  • SHA256 for the installer is: 1524341f16386bd7edd915fde54240bdb6fa3682e1ec22371f35ce9c3d2bd577

  • SHA256 for the zip archive is: 3ae20465ca653c3081a08c3758ee611362167497778636dad455914c21ac319a

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