github Timthreetwelve/WUView v0.5.6
0.5.6 - Minor visual tweaks and updated dependencies

latest releases: v0.5.8, v0.5.7
5 days ago

This update doesn't add any new functionality, so if you are happy with 0.5.5 you can skip this one.

A word of thanks to everyone that has taken an interest in WUView. I appreciate you. ❤️


  • Fixed: Long page title will no longer be truncated.
  • Updated: Changed the look of check for updates to a link to match the rest of the page.
  • Updated: Updated Material Design and Octokit to latest versions.


  • SHA256 for the installer is: 2cfb30977f419f833be805209695cf16d2984dda6a9767f80d4ee5fba1bbab5c
  • SHA256 for the zip archive is: 99f836988bc7cd15c5a741b4a6aeab6605a5a82f4387a5a39f2dfff76f4e5f14

Full Changelog: v0.5.5...v0.5.6

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