github Tiiffi/mcrcon v0.7.1
mcrcon 0.7.1

mcrcon is console based Minecraft rcon client for remote administration and server maintenance scripts.


  • A lots of small fixes, touch ups and code cleanups.
  • Add -w option for rcon command throttling
    • Thanks HorlogeSkynet @ Github

Binary releases are provided for Linux (x86 and x86-64) and Windows (x86-32).

Here are checksums for following archives:

Archive SHA256
mcrcon-0.7.1-linux-x86-32.tar.gz 334f5c4973546ad989b2ea10d3c7a2f69288b475a16fed2d5976371f48ee5c59
mcrcon-0.7.1-linux-x86-64.tar.gz 4ba6245760051f12baf0f7ca9dcae5e48b8d6bf72a9bfe47cd195e0a68e96f86 2838d3f0b81edafc7ca37dede24cad4e5bf62562faa2629ce5b95a90212eb57a
17 months ago