github TeamAmaze/AmazeFileManager v3.6.0


  • Gridview image placeholder loading circular icons
  • Shortcut icons not recognisable
  • New file dialog allows spaces at the end and beginning
  • FTP server on stock install is not usable
  • Fix ExternalSdCardOperation.getDocumentFile()
  • Exit on AppsListFragment should exit app
  • Add handling for in AppsListFragment
  • Exit menu item at Apps Manager is not responding
  • Leak found from App Manager back to file list
  • Runs have logs that are too long
  • DataUtils.menuMetadataMap leaks MenuItemImpl via value
  • DataUtils.menuMetadataMap leaks MenuItemImpl via key
  • DataUtils$DataUtilsHolder leaks MainActivity when opening Settings
  • Sort button at App Manager is not responding
  • Fix Apps list sort button and correct rebase mistakes at FtpService related classes
  • Update to Kt 1.5
  • Added App Name & Package to error reports
  • Scrolling up in "open with" app selection bottom sheet is very difficult
  • NPE while extracting zip file
  • NPE on ftp setting
  • Auto Capitalization & Request Focus while creating new file or folder
  • NPE inZipHelperTask: Null file
  • Remove "Folder to create zips" configuration
  • Indicator leaks DisablableViewPager
  • LinearLayout leaked at MainActivity
  • NPE on SearchAsyncTask: null MainFragment
  • Fix SftpConnectDialog::onCreateDialog very long method
  • Support extracting APKS
  • NPE on MainActivity: null String on checkForExternalIntent
  • NPE on FileUtil::mktextfile : null OutputStreamWriter
latest release: v3.6.1
one month ago