github TarekRaafat/autoComplete.js v7.0.0

v7.0.0 ✨

  • New API for results list navigation resultsList.navigation (Thanks 👍 @fredluetkemeier)
  • New API for autoComplete.js engine trigger.event (Thanks 👍 @fredluetkemeier)
  • New API for autoComplete.js engine trigger.condition
  • Added Support to Shadow DOM expanding customizability (Thanks 👍 @MSDevs)
  • Node Element Support for Input Selector (Thanks 👍 @jkhaui)
  • Empty record issue fix (Thanks 👍 @Platon)
  • customEngine API [Removed]
  • customEngine merged with searchEngine API key for more convenience [Changed]
  • Code Optimizations
latest releases: v7.2.0, v7.1.3, v7.1.2...
13 months ago