github TarekRaafat/autoComplete.js v2.1.0

v2.1.0 ✨

  • Added support for Keyboard (Arrow) & (Tab) Navigation
  • Selection event object returns in data feedback (Thanks @alvaaz)
  • Added Function support to selector for detached DOM rendering (Thanks @mikob)
  • Added Function support to renderResults for detached DOM rendering
  • Fixed Placeholder if not set doesn't overwrite external assigned values (Thanks @mikob)
  • Replaced id with data-attribute (Thanks @mikob)
  • Input doesn't clear automatically onSelection event (Thanks @mikob)
  • Place Holder doesn't assign selected value onSelection event automatically
  • Error message rendered on Engine failure in the body for End-User [Removed] (Thanks @mikob)
  • API data-attribute setting [Removed]
  • Optimizations
  • Style Enhancementsa
latest releases: v7.2.0, v7.1.3, v7.1.2...
21 months ago