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pre-release10 months ago

Version 0.0.1-beta.81 - 2/10/2023, 6:36 PM



  • again (a8af239) by Tanner Linsley
  • reorder solid-store build (ac4dd93) by Tanner Linsley
  • Allow redirects in route functions and update error handling (#523) (2ef9dcb) by tomqchristensen
  • Added in a shallow check for missing keys to be removed from the store to make useSearch more compatible (#522) (6c08541) by Tanner Scadden
  • integrate and update solid to use the new store syntax (5038b6f) by Tanner Linsley
  • Solid router adapter (#516) (96f2f02) by Tanner Scadden


  • router-context (57ba36d) by Tanner Linsley
  • recommend fullPath instead of .id for navigation (b39dc9c) by Tanner Linsley
  • navigation blocking (271bcc3) by Tanner Linsley
  • more (092af2a) by Tanner Linsley
  • more docs (d802ad8) by Tanner Linsley


  • spelling fixes in md files (#519) (89640dc) by aprskalo00
  • Update (6321302) by Tanner Linsley
  • Update (#518) (4c3e591) by Denis Irkhin


  • @tanstack/loaders@0.0.1-beta.81
  • @tanstack/react-router@0.0.1-beta.81
  • @tanstack/react-store@0.0.1-beta.81
  • @tanstack/router@0.0.1-beta.81
  • @tanstack/store@0.0.1-beta.81
  • @tanstack/actions@0.0.1-beta.81
  • @tanstack/react-actions@0.0.1-beta.81
  • @tanstack/react-router-devtools@0.0.1-beta.81
  • @tanstack/react-loaders@0.0.1-beta.81

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