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TablePress 2.2.1

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3 months ago

TablePress 2.2.1 adds further protection against bugs in other plugins that interfere with the loading of JavaScript files, causing the TablePress admin screens to be unusable. For more information on changes and new features in TablePress 2.2.x, please see below.

TablePress 2.2 is a feature and enhancement update. Here are the highlights:

New features, enhancements, and bug fixes

Improvements around table styling

  • The preview of the TablePress table block in the block editor now takes into account “Custom CSS”, for a more precise preview.
  • TablePress Pro and Max now have an easy-to-use visual “Default Style Customizer”: Choose from pre-defined style variations or define your own color scheme to change your tables’ default style -- without touching CSS code!

The “Responsive Tables” premium module offers more possibilities

  • The “Modal” mode can show all table data in an overlay modal window if columns don’t fit on the screen. (TablePress Pro and Max only.)
  • The “Scroll” mode now allows the visitor to scroll left and right by clicking arrow buttons. (TablePress Pro and Max only.)

Enhanced and more polished user interfaces

  • The “Advanced Access Rights” module now has a fixed header row and offers a keyboard shortcut for saving changes. (TablePress Max only.)
  • The “Automatic Periodic Table Import” module now has a fixed header row, filtering, and sorting, to make working with long table lists easier. (TablePress Max only.)
  • In addition, the “Automatic Periodic Table Import” module now allows periodic imports with a 1-minute interval. (TablePress Max only.)

Miscellaneous changes

  • The TablePress REST API now has “Create table” and “Delete table” endpoints and received optimizations and improvements. (TablePress Max only.)
  • The spacing between dropdowns of the “Column Filter Dropdowns” module is more consistent across different screen sizes. (TablePress Pro and Max only.)
  • The legacy math formula evaluation engine now also supports the % (modulo) operator.
  • A bug in the import format detection of the legacy import engine was fixed.
  • TablePress Pro and TablePress Max are now fully translated to German.

Behind the scenes

  • Cleaned up and simplified code, for easier future maintenance, to follow WordPress Coding Standards, and to offer helpful inline documentation.
  • Updated external libraries to benefit from enhancements and bug fixes.
  • Automated code compatibility checks and build tools simplify chores for easier development.
  • TablePress 2.2 requires WordPress 5.8 and PHP 7.2!

Premium versions

  • Even more great features for you and your site’s visitors and priority email support are available with a Premium license plan of TablePress. Go check them out!

For more information please see the announcement at

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